Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homework for Mrs. Stevens

From my dear friend Deb's blog, she is currently on a 'working vacation' and posted this on her blog and I thought I would join in on the homework she assigned. Why? Because she's Deb, she's cool, and she's a talented writer.

What's your name, and what does it mean?   
I will talk about my blog name: My name is Mrs. P, and since students are constantly calling out "Hey, Mrs. P!" if they have a question or even just want to say hi, my blog was named thus.

If you needed a kidney, who would be the first person willing to donate one to you?
Probably anyone from my family. I may be wrong, but I truly think my sisters or my parents would not mind in the least. Besides, I'm planning on donating one of my kidneys as soon as I'm done having kids. My cousin Sarah recently received a kidney through the National Kidney Registry, her sister donated to a stranger so that Sarah could find a donor match, and I plan on registering and donating in the future. And then I want to get a tattoo of a kidney over my scar :)
Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Somewhat. I mean, it's always hard to find the reason in the moment, obviously. But I think there is some sort of energy that keeps this world plugging along, whether it is karma or what have you, and that energies can coincide and create events that need to will happen. Then again, there's the view that we try and create meaning out of chaos in order to feel better about our meaningless lives. So, I guess it would depend on my mood the day you asked me!

If you had next Monday off from all responsibilities and expectations, what would you do?
This question is ambiguous, especially for a parent! Does 'free from responsibilities' mean a day off of parenting? Or just off of work?  If I had a day off from parenting, I would hope my kids were being taken care of and not just a day of me ignoring them, first of all. So let's assume that they're at daycare, or I'm out of town or something. I would sleep in (which, after having kids, means like 8:00. My body won't sleep past that anymore. Lame!), maybe go out and eat breakfast at a restaurant, and if I'm alone (meaning my husband has the day off too), I'd bring a book and eat slow and read. Then I would probably go shopping or visit with friends, watch a movie-- maybe at a theater even if I was feeling rich, work on craft projects in the daytime, take a nap if I felt so inclined, and then make myself a big dinner of whatever the hell I wanted, and stay up late wasting time and not feeling guilty about it!
What is your all-time favorite joke?

"Knock, knock." 
"Who's there?"
"Interrupting cow."
"Interrupting cow..." "MOO!"

funny in 5th grade... still funny now!